Supply chain management and secure logistics are integral to sustaining competitive advantage. Pandemic presented unprecedented challenges which led to country wide lockdowns, though governments were able to contain the extent of damage and prevent further loss of life, a lot of the businesses had to go down because of the disruptions caused, especially around supply chain and logistics. Stable supply of goods and services is directly related to health of our social fabric, where an imbalance between supply and demand can lead to a rather quick social and ethical meltdown. It is for this reason we take security of Distribution Centres and Ports extremely seriously.

E-commerce has not only shifted revenue stream from retail outlets to digital platforms, but also dramatically changed the back-end operations. Modern DCs do a lot more than fulfilling replenishment orders to outlets, DCs are at the epicentre of customer service and responsible for getting the right products to the right customers. Customers are in rush and there is hardly any room for error. 90% of the global trade is handled by Ports, all the vital raw materials like energy, metals and minerals travel through ports along with consumer goods. The finished consumer goods might move to a DC operating downstream; however, the raw materials will move to manufacturing facilities, providing jobs and supporting the circular economy.

Our security officer go through an onerous background check involving police clearance, maritime security identification and inductions before being deputed to any of the DCs, ports, quays, docklands or marinas. In addition all of the resources are handpicked with substantial domain knowledge and prior experience in the industry. The security officers work closely with the facility ops team and would generally perform the following task,

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