Our Mobile Patrol officers are experienced and trained professionals, handpicked men and women who exhibit excellent customer engagement, outstanding communication, situational awareness and discipline.

If you’re seeking extra security but don’t require a full-time private security guard, mobile patrol might just be the answer. Mobile security patrol provides an effective deter against potential criminals who like to strike when no one is around. Our Mobile Patrol officers visit your property intermittently and make sure everything is okay, this can be a drive-by or the officers can get out and perform an inspection on foot.

With help of our innovative operations tool, we can generate a unique GPS mapped QR code for each checkpoint defined within a tour. Patrolling officers can scan these QR codes on the go using mobile application and takes notes and images if required. All the information gets collated into a tour report at the end of the visit with all the checkpoint data and accessible to customer through the customer portal.  This software not only provides extra support to our patrol team, but also enables comprehensive and transparent reporting to our clients.

Scope Of Service