Loss prevention is the name given to processes and procedures that help provide anticipatory safety measures to mitigate risk of any accident or incident. Retail loss prevention is a set of measures and processes employed by retail companies to preserve bottom line. Preservation of bottom line is directly linked to preventable losses, i.e. any business cost cause by deliberate or inadvertent action, commonly referred to as “Shrinkage”. We work closely with the operational teams in developing loss and theft prevention processes and enforcing the same through our vigilant security officers working across retail outlets.

The retail industry has evolved considerably over the last couple of years to manage the challenges posed by digital platforms and alternate delivery channels. Customers expect a high quality, engaging, comforting and secure shopping experience, one of the top agenda items for every facility manager. We acknowledge the importance of Customer Experience and work closely with facility managers in creating a safe and welcoming shopping experience, in turn helping businesses grow. We work across a number of different retail venues including large shopping centres, departmental stores, specialty retailers, pharmacies and liquor outlets. Some of the tasks performed by our security personnel include;

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