Don’t Expose Your Business To Unwarranted Risk, Work With A Partner That Cares!

Selecting a Service Delivery Partner is a complex undertaking, though a thoroughly defined point-based selection criteria support the process, there is a lot more involved. Alignment of values and culture is as important, in achieving business objectives and end goal, as any other capability element.



We are accredited with ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association Limited), the peak Australian Body for Security Industry and comply to its strict code of conduct and practice.

Compliance is a key organizational function defined under the management structure, with accountability and responsibility clearly allocated to the directors. As a business we are extremely critical of our legal obligations in compliance to the following, as far as they relate to the business:

  • Laws relating to taxation.
  • Laws relating to superannuation.
  • Laws relating to occupational health and safety.
  • Laws relating to workers’ compensation.
  • Labour hire industry laws.
  • Workplace laws.
  • Migration laws.
  • Applicable minimum accommodation or transport standards.
  • Any other prescribed laws.

We maintain active insurances as applicable to business, including,

  • Public Liability Insurance upto $20 MILLION AUD
  • Workcover Insurance for OUR employees

The organizational culture has been built on the core values of the business. These values form a big part of our identity, these values define us, who we are, how we operate and how we interact. These values provide us with a framework, which guides our day-to-day affairs and steer any decision-making process.

We are passionate about OUR PEOPLE and TEAMWORK. Employee Experience (EX) is as important as Customer Experience (CX). We are young at heart and offer a truly flexible work environment. The business has been structured to accommodate the needs of OUR Customers and OUR EMPLOYEES.

We have strong emphasis on QUALITY, employees are incentivized to focus on quality in contrast to quantity. We are hungry for growth but not at expense of quality. Our growth strategy is based on Customer Retention.

OUR PEOPLE form a big part of our value proposition. We ensure that we recruit and retain the best talent market has to offer.  Some key facts about OUR People,

  • Every employee goes through detailed recruitment process, this involves
    • Validate visa entitlements and residency conditions 
    • Background and reference check
    • Validate all applicable certificates, licenses and tickets.
  • Every employee goes through detailed company induction
    • Emphasis on alignment of values
    • Clarity of vision and purpose
  • Sites are mapped based on previous experience and domain knowledge
  • Learning and development in an ongoing process
    • Customer Service and Communication Skills
    • Managing difficult situations, Conflict management
    • Hazard identification
    • Incident management and reporting
    • Site specific induction and SOP training
  • Remuneration structured on Industry Specific Award rates

We have partnered with Guardhouse to provides us with an innovative, state of the art, cloud based Operations tool. The system sits at the centre of our Operations Framework and is used to manage some key functions including,

  • Resource Compliance checks
  • Smart scheduling
  • Hazard and Incident reporting
  • QR checkpoints
  • Time and Attendance
  • Internal Communication
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Mobile/ Remote Accessibility
  • Document Management
  • Customer Portal for live reporting

As a business, we specialize in Security and Cleaning Services; however, if required we are happy to augment our service portfolio and offer one window solutions that may involve specialized subcontracting for additional scopes.

In addition to Security and Cleaning Services, we have been authorized by the Labour Hire Licensing authority to provide Administrative and Clerical staff. Let us know if you need help with admin or clerical work.

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